John Deere 9000 series tractors

If anyone is interested here is a 3d print design prototype for JD 9400 and would fit many other series jd tractors and sprayers. It is untested as of yet. So any ideas as to what wont work or should be changed let me know. I’m wondering if plastic column that it’s mounted on will have to much play in it so might have to tighten that up somehow. Trimble has mounted theirs on that column but now looks like they have a different option.


Hi I am interested if you have 3d file or ready to use this I am willing to buy it if this thing works on 9200 and 8400

Here it is. Glad if someone can use it. The small gear uses a metal insert like in attached picture. The little lever uses a small compression spring to push lever out. And then the bigger spring to hold motor and gear against big gear.
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Thank you for sharing files I will try one more Question how you install wheal angle sensor on jd 9200 ?

I will send a picture that I have here. I can get more pictures if needed. It is attached with magnets from princess auto. The gear steering system worked great for seeding this year.

Thanks again but lot of things in head sorry when you orders a 3 d prints are you use mm size and what type of infill you use like 100 % fill or less? coz its cost too mush when I get price ? and its ABS material ? coz I am in USA

Yes I use mm size. I print them with my own 3d printer and use petg. I used 60 % infill but made sure wall thickness was about 2.5 mm. What price do they give you to print these parts?

It’s almost $370 US with shipping include

Any idea on the weight of this all finished? I can get stuff printed for $0.10 / gram. Uncertain if that’s a reasonable price.