John Deere Dual Antenna Hydraulic Success!

Already have existing thread, but for those looking in this section for photos / success, a link to some photo’s / videos in latest post.

John Deere 6630
Hydraforce SP57C valve
Landrover WAS
UDP communications for everything
ESP32 dual antenna GPS (calculates roll and heading)

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Congrats!!! Thanks for the pis and vid. I’m just days away on my project working.

@darrenjlobb Is your esp32 wired or wireless?

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Wireless right now, hoping to be wired eventually…

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Tested the usr tcp232 on the serial output of esp32 with Matthias code. Seems to work fine. At least on the desk :wink:

Did look into that as an option, I think Matt / Franz has plans when they have more time to try and integrate ethernet so havent bothered with that as of yet, but if not, I think I might take that up… Seems to work just fine with wifi, Id just rather have it wired, means it comes up instantly then, otherwise if you restart tractor, you have to wait for access point to power cycle / reconnect etc, not a huge issue, but super nice for it to be instant / more reliable id say.

And if you change the antenna and esp from tractor to tractor you do not need to connect to different access points.

Finally, got in the field with Dual, Danfoss, Cytron md13s, and V4.3.10.
Have autosteer on UDP, and working on connecting GPS soon.
Have put out fertilizer and done some spraying, but this was the first precision test. Running strip till, knifing in P, and K. 6R30 rig that I built, then the next year bought a 8R30 planter. I am running as 8 row on AOG for a test. 6 rows strip till, and 2 rows no till.

Brian, can you make that little steering wheel in the corner turn with the WAS when engaged ? This setup is so quiet, that I cant see the wheels move. :joy:


Dear Jhmach, is the tablet dell venue? And are you receiving ntrip data with dual antenna? Or do you have a base station?

It’s Motion Computing R12 on a dock that I converted to go in the Tractor. My F9P base.