John Deere GPS signal simulation via can-bus


Does anyone know a way how to simulate John Deere GPS signal via Canbus to feed John Deere display and also to be able to use AutoTrac universal steering wheel to steer tractor on the display?

John Deere universal steering wheel needs Correction signal via Canbus so i can not use a NMEA simulator in this case.

Im want to use this for demostration of the display and to be able to create A-B lines without having to be outside,
// Emil

GPS information (latitude, longitude, altitude,etc) uses industry-standard standard PGNs (65267 and 65256), but the rest of the communication, required for the AutoTrac wheel to function, which includes the TCM pitch/tilt information and information about the accuracy level, is all done with undocumented, proprietary PGNs. Even if you could do this, how would you close the loop on the simulator? The wheel will just keep turning in a particular direction, and the simulator will keep going in it’s own direction.

So no, it’s not really feasible, unfortunately.

If you’re a dealer, doesn’t John Deere have their own simulator? I swear I’ve seen demonstrations of AutoTrac and monitor functions before on display.

Hello there,

I see somebody has worked John Deere Autosteer. Could you tell me, can i connect an simplertk board to John Deere Display and get it working?