Jumping gps signal

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Im having a problem with my gps.
I’m running a kaupoimod pcb with ardusimple gps and bno compass. Both are run through usb to the panasonic tablet.
As you can see in the picture my gps lines are pretty straigt. But when I turn the gps gets disorientated and when I place the tractor in front of my next pass I have to set driving direction again and center the line. This kinda defeats the purpose of gps. My mapping als shows up all weird.

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I dont see a picture. It works before?

Yes @EJemmens it looks like maybe you sent before the pictures were uploaded. They should say "Uploading:100% " before you send.


Do you have a GPS antenna offset set?

What is your Northing & Easting?

Is your implement width set correct?

I have it cententerd on top of the cab and the distance between rear axle and antenne is 130cm

Implement with is set to the right with and there is also no offset set in the implement

Have to look friday, currently not home

Have also tested without the steeringboard connected, and it does the same thing. So I think the problem is in the gps signal

That will be very difficult for us to believe.
Post all of your settings, and we can proceed from there.
Maybe post your latest vehicle xml file from agopengps folder

Friday gone already! You have to cover the background info experts are asking, otherwise the solution for your issue is jumping back and forth.

Its King’s day on April 27.

Your farmers are not working on King’s day? Most of us don’t have that luxury. Anyway, we were supposed to get additional info on Friday, any festive on Friday?

vehicle.zip (2,6 KB)

But i think the problem is not that the implentwith isn’t correct or something. Because when I turn it goes like all crazy and on the screen the tractor is somethimes on the other side of the previous pass as where I am then. So to my believe there is something not right in the gps signal. Also because when you disconnect the steering board, there is no change that the IMU or WAS interver with the gps signal and thereby cause noise on the gps sigal. And it does the gps position jumping not always. It does it 90% of the time, but like 10% of the time it works good. (Not that it works good for a couple of seconds but more like a couple of hours to a day) And in the mean time I haven’t change any of the vehicle settings.

Hope to have clarified things a bit :smiley:

Not that much!

But why do you have an offset of 235 cm?
That will be a huge problem for you, even if you really have the antenna 235 cm to the right of tractor centre!
Edit: learned from telegram that it is still minus when antenna is to the right. Probably because AOG see center as 235 cm to the left of the antenna!

Perhaps confused to interpret that figure is the tractor width because earlier on the OP said there is no antenna offset.

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