Keeping AgOpen versions separate on PC

I’m still running V3 as my tried and true version of the AgOpen software. The V3 has served me well for the last 2 years. I want ot move to V4.3, but won’t make the switch over until I have tested everything the way I’m using AgOpen. I’ve built 2 different controller boxes so I can keep the Arduino software separate also.

If I create a new Windows Login account for installing the v4.3, will the different settings and files stay sandboxed and not interfere with the other version? I’m assuming the AgOpen files stay within the login account…is that true?

You may work with vitual machines. But I didn’t try für AOG.


I’ve just complete the conversion V3 to V4 and was running both on the same PC.
I just saved the old parameters :
Fields, tools, tractor etc … in case of return to V3.

I’d done a lot of modifications on the arduino autosteer v3 code
(axis different for roll, linearisation of WAS, serial debugger etc …) so I just modify it slightly for V4.
and it works fine with Aog V4. (Just there is no AogSettings going to Autosteer, but not a big problem)