Keya Motor Installation Examples - Lots of Pictures

I am on the Keya Telegram as well as this Discourse. I see lots of pictures of Keya Motor installations. Creating this thread as a place for me to put the ones I run across.

Please add you pictures of Keya Motor brackets. Include the Year, Make and Model of your tractor or other equipment.

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By Telegram user Fuchs: John Deere 6210r

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New Holland T5 and all the ones where you have a knob in the middle (landini for example)

Takes quite a force to get it off better make a tool 8mm middle 6mm outside for it to make life simple.

Landini uses the same shaft but different wheel that has no place for M6 screws:

Kirovets K734:

Massey Ferguson:


How New Holland T5 looks like with installed wheel? Is hight adjustment possible?