Keya motor or hydraulic valve?

I did my firs project a year a go with canbus in Valtra T4 and it works nicely!

Next machine will be MF 7724 with no “steer ready” in it. I’m thinking if I should go with baraki valve or keya motor. These are then ones I have been reading moustly about. If the are some motors or valves which are better ones, feel free to point them out!

I have seen that someones has had some problems with machines hydraulic after installing baraki valve. I have not seen what couses these problems. It can be that they have nothing to do with installing or that the installing has been node wrong. Someone has written that steering is harder after installing baraki valve, is this typical?

Keya motor installations I have seen all make F/N/R -switch to be too far away from steeringwheel. That in not ideal. ( I know, in this tractor there is another f/n/r switch on the joystick but I haven’t learned to use it)

We have to drive on public roads also, so has there been any safety problems in baraki valves or keya motors?

Meny times when people do these projects and there is no problems, there will be maybe one post like “works nicely” or no post at all. If something goes wrong there can be a lot of posts. For that reason I’m asking you for help choosing hardware. Pros and cons for these option would be nice to hear from people who know more!

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I’ve installed a Baraki valve after using Phidgets motor for over a year.

The Baraki has been a revelation, super smooth, I question if its steering sometimes as it just serenely gets you on path and keeps it there.

I had a Trimble EZ Pilot before so for many years I’ve either not had the OEM steering wheel or had 3D cogs attached. Its s nice having the original steering wheel as it was designed.

If you want to move the steering between machines then Keya looks the easiest, just have a wiring loom on each machine.

Safety the Baraki is very good the only weakness is the extra hoses needed, so as long as these are good there should not be a problem, everything is designed fail safe, so good from that aspect.

I connected my Baraki valve to Power Beyond so really easy install.


Does it have eny effect to manual steering? I mean that does it take more power to turn steering wheel?

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I did not have that problem. The steering stayed the same or even got better on some older tractors.