KML offset

Hi, im interested does anyone know how to add a offset to a single KML file.

This is where it does it. Offset kml. The recorded path Offset is not part of the original AOG, just the field.

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And the offset is only applied to one KML?

I know it does the field boundary, if you press keep. Not sure about the ablines etc.

Brian says, it adds an offset to your current position. And everything stays where it is at and you move. When you close it moves the field over by the offset distance.

Reading better, you just want to offset a single kml file that has nothing to do with AOG?

Correct, aog works perfectly and my boundaries are correct. This KML i want to modify is from another sourse and i wanted to try it with aog and it doesnt match my real world boundary(field). The source is an app similar to google earth.

Can you import it as a boundary and then shift it and export field?

No, i cant.

How far do you want to shift it?

1.3m north

Ive got it working in Micro2.
The circle was shifted north 1300 cm.

Set the value, click the KML Import Fix, Find the file and it will overwrite that file with an original and a new.

Here is the link to the source code.

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Here is just the shifter in a single program. Drop the .txt and then you should be able to unzip and run the KMLShifter.exe file. All it does is shift a path or polygon. You can click if you want to save both in the new file. (20.3 KB)


Thank you, that is exactly what ive been looking for. I managed to shift the kml with micro but this is much more convenient

I thought that others may also benefit from a stand alone kml shifter. There are probably some out there, but I know this one is not tracking me or doing anything but shifting the kml line like I asked it to. I don’t have to remember a password or log in or anything. Happy shifting.


When i download the program its in txt format.

As it is supposed to be. The instructions were “to drop the txt”, remove the .txt from the file name first.

I understand that, but when i right click the file there is only the .zip extension

Here is a link that shows how to make windows show file extensions.

Yes, once you can see the full fule name. Just rename it without the .txt on the end. Then you can unzip it. The file is what the file is. The extension only tells windows how to open it. There is nothing special about the extension. You can give any file a different extension. It’s kinda like a cheaters “open with” command. This forum used to not allow “.zip” files to be uploaded. I’ve not tried in a while. Adding the .txt makes it uploadable.