Kubota M110GX WAS install, ideas needed

Hi All, I am working on installing autosteer on my Kubota M110GX and am struggling with how to mount the Delphi ER10014.

Any photos of Kubota installs would be very much appreciated. If there are other WAS models that would work better I am open to suggestions. I have AOG working well on a couple of our older Deere tractors but the Kubota has me stumped when is comes to the WAS.

Any photos of what you are up against would help suggestions as well…

On a Kubota m6132. Not sure if it’s a similar front axle. Looks a bit flimsy but it’s worked fine up until now. Had me scratching my head last year.

There’s a lot of ideas here: https://discourse.agopengps.com/t/wheel-angle-sensor-installation-examples-lots-of-pictures

They aren’t Kubota specific, but hopefully there’s something there that can help you.

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Thanks!!! Between JDUG and Baraki’s photos I think I have a mounting method figured out.

@baraki really smart install. What sort of sensor is that?

It’s a honney weel rty in a housing printed in plastic. Now I am making aluminum bearing housings on a CNC machine. If someone orders valves from me, I can add to the set a universal ALU housing that fits most sensors on the market,I also used a suspension stabilizer link from the car, it is very practical, strong with covered joints, no play.