Kubota M6040 steering

Hi guys, you will have to excuse me if I breach etiquette or do anything else wrong, but I have never posted on any forum before.

I have a Kubota M6040 that I would like to do fit out with AgOpenGPS, using hydraulic steering.

However, I am struggling to identify the orbitrol. Here is a photo of it:

It has the four standard ports, plus a pipe tee’d into what I think is the ‘T’ port.

Please can someone tell me what type of orbitrol this is, and what proportional system valves I need to fit for the conversion.

I’ve spent a lot of time googling and reading the posts here, but must be missing something, so am still stumped.

Cheers, Chris

I think you can get a bit further, if I am right in this.
On picture you see the letters R and P, I bet it means right and pressure. So at the other end it should be L and T for left side sterring and tank. Does any of the lines from T go to oil cooler in front of the tractor?

If you want, I can complete everything you need and send.

@Larsvest R&L go to the steering cylinder. P from the pump. T to the Tank, and the tee’d pipe goes to what I think is the brake fluid reservoir, then to tank.

I cannot see any other identification on the orbitrol. Just wondered whether it was CC or OC, and what the recommended proportional valve was.

@baraki thanks for the offer. I have all the electrical bits, just waiting on PCB, which should be with me tomorrow. Yes, I am interested in the hydraulic valves. I don’t need fittings.

It is Definitely OC.
I had a case IH 4240 some years ago. It had hydraulic oil supply to brake reservoir for automatic fill up. I don’t know where the supply vas taken, but to “bleed” the brake system we just clamped the tank hose from reservoir.
Edit: and opened at the end of brake line to let air bubbles out.