Kubota M7060 - baraki valve

here are some examples of Kubota M7060 setup


I like the tape measure WAS lever.


What should I tweak to get lines more straight?

Hold look ahead for errors under 10cm
And look ahead speed gain.

The yellow dot you see is whats tractor trying to catch, it changes with speed.

For my setup, I got best results when its slightly in front of front axle.

If set too close it wiggles, if set too far it takes to much time to straighten

The field is too soft so that has an impact on the results as well. The better the field is prepared the better the results after.

Try to lower the integral to 3-4 if the tractor is smaller in my case, it helps a lot.

From the previous post lower the proportional gain as well. (On my tractors I am using around 20. Smaller tractor around 20 bigger around 40)
Minimum to move around 40 as well.
Maximum from 80 to 100.

what should be the values?

Kubota M7060 is small and compact tractor - it weight is 3t with front loader, and the the full corn seeder is about 800-900kg,

I will lower it a little bit.

Every tractor is different, start like this and tweak to see how it works:

Acquire Look Ahead 3.5
Hold Look Ahead 2.3
Look Ahead Speed Gain 1.4
Integral 15
This worked for me when I was planting corn(speeds up to 8km/h).

Did you enter distance from front to back axle try to be precise in 1 cm.

For the values for hold look ahead and speed gain I go with around these:
HOLD LOOK AHEAD = 1.5 (1.3-1.5)
SPEED GAIN = 1.3 (1.3-1.5)

These work well on smaller tractors but it can vary a lot so try and see.

Go a full field length before changing to the next settings.
Good luck.

here are my corn fields with first agopengps seeding.
I had tried Your settings but it my opinion they are worse - the tractor goes left right all the time -10 to 10 cm
I went back to the my settings.

I noticed that the center of your WAS arm pivot is not aligned to the axle pivot, so your WAS linkage mechanism doesn’t make a parallelogram. I think this makes the whole mechanism asymmetric between left vs. right steering angle. Might be making it harder for the system to control itself.

do not get what You mean. Can You describe it somehow different?

It would be best if opposite sides are parallel and equal length.

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Are you using the valve or the trimble for autosteer? Looking to do this in an M9960 in the next year or so.

I’m using agopengps and valve. Trimble steer is old story, it would go for combine for harvesting time

thanks, we will try to fix it