Language Translations AgOpenGps Manual

New feature in 5.1.4, you can open AgOpenGps Manual with “Help”, if you choose any language, and if it’s available (translated) opens it in your select language.

Translations done : English and Spanish (you can review and correct)

In the way : German, Italian, French and Polish

Others languages : we need translators.

Here is a .doc file to translate directly, pls send me a copy and i make a pdf. Rename it to Manual.en.doc (en is english for example)



Are you still active? I’ll try to translate into Serbian language, because I need it, too. I tried before but didn’t succeed so if I need help, I can count on your help?

MS Office can keep the pictures / schematics when auto translation is done. Then you only need to manual translate specific aog words.

Ok, I’ll translate words and send him and that’s all.

bonjour je suis Français et tous les menus ne sont pas en Français y a t’il un moyen de les mettre en français ? merci

you can use the Urepom design version which has more translation in French

super merci l’ami

Hello @Vili , @BrianTee_Admin , @Larsvest

I tried to convert back the final english pdf into markdown.
Maybe I should not use the AgOpenGPS repo but the AgOpenBook. You guys tell me I’m happy to adapt. (I can still link the icons from the software as github allows you to go “outside” of the repository into another repo.)

It currently lives here: AgOpenGPS/ at bgunics/DocToMarkdown · gunicsba/AgOpenGPS · GitHub

There are a couple of !FIXME sections that were not clear for me. I’d appreciate help filling those gaps.

Once done and have the final format, I’ll try and copy some of the other languages / texts back.

I only wanted to do a Hungarian (magyar as we call it) version of the docs but the .doc in the above drive link was old (and felt outdated), pdf you can’t easily edit and change the texts. + There’s the GitBook projects. (And I love having an online version that everyone can refer to and print topdf if neede.)

( And now I’m off to adding Hungarian as a language to AOG :wink: )