Lawn Sprayer

Greetings! I’m looking into using this project to help me with fertilizer/herbicide liquid application to my yard. A bit overkill, but as a software developer by trade this is my idea of a hobby! :slight_smile: I’ve signed up for VRS/NTRIP from the State of Ohio. It looks like the codebase already supports NTRIP.

Next, my question is regarding getting a GPS signal locally. Does anyone have a recommendation on what GPS to get? How sophisticated does it need to be when using with NTRIP? Good accuracy is important, but so is budget for a 2 acre lawn… :slight_smile: Any help as I get started is appreciated. Hopefully, after some experience I’ll soon be able to help others and submit programming updates. Thanks in advance! -Zach

Hi Zach, the best choice is ardusimple sinpleRTK2b which uses ublox f9p chip. It is RTK ready solution, you have only to feed it with NTRIP correction from your provider, and you are done. By far here is the most used gps

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. It certainly seems to be the simplest solution!