Lets Step Through The Steer Wizard Together

  1. Load Defaults: Resets everything in ‘Auto Steer Configuration’ to defaults. Does it reset anything else? Good to know before nuking values we didn’t mean to clear.

  2. Set Wheelbase: Center to center of front and rear axles (I dont see unit of measurement in this, I assume it follows the master unit selection?)

  3. Set Track Width: Center to center of pivot axle tires (I dont see unit of measurement in this, I assume it follows the master unit selection?)

  4. Antenna Position: Center of pivot axle to antenna, set negative for a combine? (I dont see unit of measurement in this, I assume it follows the master unit selection?)

  5. Antenna Height: Antenna height from ground (I dont see unit of measurement in this, I assume it follows the master unit selection?)

  6. Antenna Offset: Measurement of how far the antenna is from center of tractor (I dont see unit of measurement in this, I assume it follows the master unit selection?)

  7. Steer Switch: Self explanatory

  8. A/D Converter: Typically single for everyone, Differential enables WASless mode??

  9. Motor Driver Board: Enter the hardware you’re using to drive the motor

  10. Driver Control Relay: Self explanatory

  11. Danfoss Valve: Self explanatory

  12. Roll Function: Simply to invert roll to correct direction, doesn’t calibrate or change any values other than making roll angle POSITIVE when leaning RIGHT

  13. Roll Zero: What does remove offset do? Is it critical to be 100% perfectly level for zeroing the roll? Left and right roll only, doesn’t care about pitch for the zeroing process?

  14. Invert WAS Direction: Self explanatory

  15. WAS Zeroing: Is there a more precise way to set this? What if we’re driving 1 or 2 degrees off straight by accident? How much of an offset is allowed and what does incorrect zeroing effect?

  16. Steer Motor Direction: Self explanatory

  17. Counts per Degree: Turn the steering wheel or wheels or indication from WAS sensor 20 degrees when driving in a circle? Is there a more precise way or setting this, especially when open space is limited.

  18. Ackermann: Used to correct differences in steering linkage from one direction to another. Self explanatory, but same concerns as CPD as to space limitations and other ways of finding this value.

  19. Guidance Steer Angle Limit: Self explanatory

  20. Automatic Canceling Feature: Self explanatory

  21. Panic Stop Speed: The RATE of which speed is decreasing to disengage? Doesn’t affect minimum engage speed or anything else?

  22. Minimum Movement Setting: What does the ‘Zero’ button do? Adjust as HIGH as possible WITHOUT causing the system to steer. I understand this to be quite critical to have accurate?

  23. Gain setting: Proportional Gain = Fine tune to your preferences, PWM Maximum = Set to limit turning speed

This is just the steer wizard, I would like to keep this limited to this and possibly anything else in the ‘Auto Steer Configuration’ panel such as Look Ahead settings and others. One setting I may not have found yet is ‘Max Angle to Allow Engagement’. Basically confirms you’re intentionally and somewhat accurately engaging auto steer and are on the correct A/B line or whatever. Trimble won’t engage unless it’s within a certain distance from center or angle of attack isn’t too steep.

Unless told otherwise, you can assume the units follow the master selection.

  1. Resets anything dealt with in the wizard.

  2. Positive is alway forward from the pivot axle.

  3. ''A differential ADC will measure the voltage difference between two pins (the plus and minus input). A single-ended (“regular”) ADC will measure the voltage difference between one pin and ground." Nothing to do with wasless.

  4. Remove offset removes any pre-zeroed values. So when IMU is at 0 it will show 0.
    You MUST be level when zeroing the IMU or steering will be offset.

  5. Yes. Drive straight forward, and watch the horizon. If you see it moving, (or if the heading degrees are changing), adjust the slider. You don’t have to be sitting still for this one. And there isn’t an allowed value. The best is more accurately than humanly possible. And the steering will gradually get worse the farther off it gets. Incorrect zeroing will tend to make the tractor steer on one side of the line, and never close in to zero.

This video has some info on 17 - 23.

It’s not there. The idea is if you don’t want the autosteer on, don’t hit the engage button. And shut off the autosteer board when you don’t want to steer. And set the max steer speed in the vehicle config to as low as possible.