Light bar distance per pixel in 6.3.1?

I found that the vehicle steer config menu has moved to the steering settings, but I can’t for the life of me find the light bar “Distance per Pixel” setting anywhere. I have a tractor that doesn’t (yet!) have autosteer, so I was planning to use the on-screen light bar for the time being.

Any idea where the light bar config moved to in 6.3.1?


Gone. I imagine you could edit the vehicle config possibly.

Thanks for confirming I’m not blind and the suggestion.

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Same question, same problem. It makes steering with the light bar very touchy. Thanks for the answer.

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Followup: I was not able to find the setting in the vehicle xml generated by 6.3.1. I don’t know if copying the field over from an old vehicle config would do anything. I didn’t examine the code to see what changed.

I made the default sensitivity work for working ground yesterday evening. It’s honestly fine.

I don’t know the answer, but if you’re steering manually and following the lightbar, try out the SVEN arrow setting. It’s just another way to have the screen manually guide you.

Oh THAT’S what that is. I’ll fiddle with it this evening. Thanks for the tip.

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Is it still in Settings.settings?

This parameter still appears in AgOpenGPS.exe.config but is no longer taken into account in the program and is configured by default at 2. I made a pull request in this direction but for the moment it is not validated the modification:

Yes it isn’t in the vehicle.xml either. But still in the settings.settings file. And AOG is still reading that. So technically someone could (I think) change the default in settings.settings and re-compile their own.

Oh wait, there’s a public int in GUI.Designer.cs that holds an int lightbarCMPerPixel

I made the necessary modifications.
If you want the code: GitHub - Tervuren/AgOpenGPS: Ag Precision Mapping, Section Control and Guidance Software


for future versions the parameter has been reintroduced in the steer