Line width

With some tablets (high resolution) is the line width to narrow.

Maybe there could be a setting that affect on this (guidance lines / boundaries)

My research found that some tablets have a maximum pixel size. So no matter how wide you make the line in pixels it will only show up the maximum width of the pixel. Mine was 2 pixels wide. You just can not see that in the field. I had to re write the DrawABLines() to include a FatLine. The FatLine variable was configured with the camera zoom level divided by 100. Below is a picture of what it looks like in the ABC simple program. I’ve also attached how I did it. Don’t laugh at the coding. But it works for ABLine. This code also contains the multiple guidelines. But you will find I commented out the tram lines. I just didn’t need it. The Camera Zoom is at the bottom of the file. Set for Imperial.

DrawABLines.txt (12.7 KB)