List of recommended IP address for UDP PCBs

A while ago I found a document with the recommended static IP addresses of modules for the UDP network. I must have lost it and can’t find it anymore. Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance.

The Arduino UDP autosteer sketch uses so if you don’t want to change the sketch, then use the range of IPs but AFAIK there’s no reason you can’t use any standard network config. The data is broadcast to all IPs so the port numbers are much more critical than the IPs.

Maybe this:


Hello, I run everything with UDP except section control, do you have an ino sketch I can run section control with UDP?

Look in the mtz folder with the Arduino files

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I have an ino sketch for sectional control. It works with the RC app.

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I couldn’t find it, thank you, but I don’t understand this situation;
uint8_t FlowEncALeft_PIN
uint8_t FlowEncARight_PIN or
#define encPinLeft 2 //int0 D2 pin 2
#define encPinRight 3 //int1 D3 pin 3

Most rate codes have 2 flowmeter code lines, why use 2 flowmeters in a sprayer? There is only 1 ratio engine to apply different ratios to the right and left parts.

I think that was for a situation where there was separate flow meters and rate valves for the left and right sections of a sprayer. This was for applying different rate to the left and right sections. I agree most sprayers only have one flow meter and rate valve.

The rate codes may be for airdrills with multiple products such as seed and fertilizer.


Thanks, @SK21
That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Is the original document still on Github, or did you just have that locally on your computer?

Just had it on my computer.

I am not sure if it is up to date since I think m_elias is right the autosteer sketch uses

So, how could we go about standardizing the addresses? Some of the PCB modules use built in WebUI for configuration, and it’s really nice if you know in advance which address is going to be which PCB.

FWIW, I am still working on a set of PCBs (dual GPS with integrated NTRIP, steering, and section control) for AOG. I am going to release them for the community as soon as I get them a bit more complete, and have a proper Git repository. One of the requirements I have is that they use the AOG standards. Now I discover the standards aren’t very standardized.

I don’t know where or if there are any standards. I guess the first person that writes it creates the standard.

Was just wondering about you board. Glad it coming along. We are working on GoRoNB pcb, trying to get it going. If I remember you were using the sparkfun f9p’s ?
Everyone is wanting to standardize, but sooo may different projects. I think when there is one that seems to take the lead, we will be able to standardize.

IP address standards.pdf (23.0 KB)
Recomended IP Addresses

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