Loading config file problem

I had to reset my Sparkfun F9P. I have reinstalled the firmware but am unable to load the config file. I have tried on 2 computers. Any ideas to get this loaded? If not, is there a list of setting and I’ll do it manually.

Are you using U-center? Any error messages? Which config files are you using? Some details around your problem will help folks help you.

Thanks @chri5k I was just coming back to edit and do that. Using U center. The 1.32 single rover config. The error message has something to do with a timeout. It flashes by a bit to fast to get it all.

The firmware update resets the serial speed to 38400, I think. The config changes it to 460800 so any config lines after the com port speed change error out. Change the serial port speed in U-center to the new higher speed and send the config again.

Setting the baud rate to 38400 helped. I only get the time out on the last few lines. The best there were only 3 errors.

How do I need to hold my tounge to pickup those last few? :yum:

After you get the errors, set the baud rate in U-Center to 460800. Send the configuration again. Don’t forget to save the configuration when done sending the second time. Otherwise, it will revert to the default config.

I can’t get anything to load now. All I get are errors. I’m gonna shut down for the night. Many times a solution comes once I walk away.

Thanks for the help so far. I’ll be back for more or else to tell of my success.

I think I got it. At least it looks like it. UART1 Baud 460800 HZ = 10.

I have 2 issues left.

  1. I have to power from separate power source. 3.3v not 5v (USB not powering)
    It would be nice to be able to just plug it in and work on it.

  2. It cycles on off once every minute. I had to work fast to get to the right place to save settings after uploading thee config file.

I use an Xbee USB adapter when programing mine but I use Ardusimple boards. The Xbee adapter supplies the 3.3v to the F9P. Never experienced the shutting off every minute issue. Not sure if it is a power supply problem or what. Might want to reach out to Sparkfun support.

I’ve been suppling the 3 V with a USB to UART. I’ll plug it into my board and see if it cycles. If so I’ll see what Wireshark might tell me and take your suggestion of getting with Sparkfun.

Thanks for your help!!