Looking for 3d printed wheel and gear

Looking for a 3d printed wheel gear. Just wondering who you guys have print them. Looking for Brian’s designed one thanks.

A lot of members have their own 3D printers or try to find another member near them that can print for them. I still consider myself a novice but I can try to help if you’re close. Where are you located?

Central Minnesota United States

I can give that a shot, can you show me or send the .stl files of what exactly are you wanting printed? I’m not sure I’ve seen Brian’s design

Would you just ship them then.

I would have to unless you can find someone closer. I’m in central Nebraska. I haven’t checked to see how much it would cost

Hi! Anybody “near” columbia, missouri who’s kind enough to 3d print motor holder and segmented gear assembly according to Potato Farmer’s specifications (zip tie steering; motor holder). How much will it cost? I was given $200+ to have the parts printed which makes buying the printer itself very enticing. However, I’m afraid there’s going to be a steep learning curve to come up with quality part for the aog. So hoping the price for having the parts printed is reasonable. Thanks

Hi gpierce720! Were you able to print Braden the segmented wheel gear (and motor holder)? How much did you charge? Nebraska is adjacent to missouri, can you print me the parts? Thanks.

Hi, I did do some printing for Braden. I’ll send you a private message!


@rogerix Apologies if you’ve gotten all my messages, for some reason they seem to be disappearing on my end after I send them so you may have 3 nearly identical messages :joy:. Have you gotten any of them?