Looking for V4 micro boards

Hi I am looking for a couple of the v4 micro boards. I am located Saskatchewan, The reason i am posting here is i don’t want to buy 5 boards, when i only need 2. So if there is anybody else in the prairies interested in getting some of the V4 micro boards and would like to order together please let me know.

Assembled or bare boards? JLCPCB has a minimum of 2 assembled boards. If no goes in with you, you would only be paying for 3 bare boards which are pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of auto steer.

I would like assembled boards. i was just thinking maybe someone is in the same position. Plus it seems like such a waste to get 3 bare boards that won’t be used.

I am interested. How much?


How many would you be interested in?

I have 5 on order will be here In Jan . I only need 3 . Central Sask

well i would definitely be interested in the other two. could you pm the details? Thanks

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