Loosing Serial connection to GPS and Autosteer PCB

Im having problems with AOG loosing connection to both GPS and Autosteer board, at the same time, it seems to happen more often when the motor is putting out the most power. Far of the line, if i put max over 130, it happens more often.

When im spraying and not using the autosteer board (although it is still powered, as they are running in the same box/ usb hu). AOG works perfectly, documenting where I have been.

I have read about the powered usb hubs, maybe this is the problem, can anyone recommend one that runs on 12v?

My setup is as follows

Dell venue pro 11
MMA 8452
Phidgets motor
Ardusimple Simplertk2b
unpowered usb hub
3d printed steering wheel cog
Relay board to cut power from cytron to ease turning on the headlands.

Is your hub plugged into the old USB A or new USB C connector? I wonder if you could get a self powered USB C hub that would work better. Or run separate power lines for the motor?

Pull a separate line to power the engine, preferably straight from the battery.
I also use dell venue. Do you have a charger connected to 12V? If so, check if the problem is also with the charger disconnected, I also had problems with the ports and the charger was the fault.

Yes Hub is plugged into the old usb A. Ive done it this way as there are only 2 other physical ports, a micro usb (that has a charger plugged in) and a micro hdmi.
Ill try running additional power lines from battery to motor tomorrow.
I have tried it without the 12v charger connected, as i plugged in a tinkerforge brick, but the same fault kept happening.

Did you get another charger that worked in the end? The charger i use is only trickle charging.

You need a 19v charger.
I use this:
I cut off the tip and connect a piece of cable with the micro USB tip because with the ready 19v micro tip I found nothing.
Loads faster than network.

Where does your motor power come from now? If it’s connected to the 12V on your Arduino autosteer board then like @baraki said, it needs its own straight from the battery.

Power comes from 12v power out on pcb, goes to 24v converter and then into the cytron, Ground is back to the PCB ground.
Power and Ground on PCB comes from dedicated line to the battery
Followed this video on connecting up Setting up Autosteer - Hardware & Software - YouTube

Before I start wiring I just had a thought. Do you wire in a relay to the 12v switched side of the PCB for the power to the motor?
If I wire cytron straight to battery it will always be on, do you have any problems with power drain?

Towards the end of this video, it shows how you can wire up the power supply to the 24v and cytron via a second relay.

Some people also use a manual disconnect switch for safety.

Thanks guys! So added the relay and extra line to the battery, and wow there we have it… full power… no issues with it dropping connection so far!

Cant thank you all enough! Onto my next problem of getting the autosteer settings setup correctly!


Got my charger today… felt wrong cutting it up as soon as i got it! But it works brilliantly! Thanks!