Losing RTK signal

I have been having a problem the last few days with losing RTK and going back to float, and then occasionally down to GPS single. Then it might come back in a few minutes.
The fields I’m working in have very good 4g coverage and no trees on the perimeter. I’m using my mobile phone for internet access to the tablet, and have my own f9p base back at the farm connected to a laptop which utilises RTK 2 go and SNIP caster, and lots of the time will work flawlessly all day. The fields I’ve been having problems in are at a farm only 2 miles away as the crow flies. The antenna is on the front of the tractor bonnet. ( steel )
Would anyone have any ideas as to the problem please ?
Thank you for help In advance.

There are sometimes problems with the availability of RTK2go on the network. It happened to me several times that the domain was unavailable.

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Thank you. Can this happen even if the mount is still showing in the caster table ?

I used to use RTK2GO, but had alot of frustration with it being randomly down, overall the downtime was very minimal, but for me, any time down when I need to be in the field was a real pain. So I just ended up running my own caster, have several servers running anyway so was no problem. But could easily be ran on just about anything low power…

the up time is the thing to look.
If you lose connection you can go on rtk2go to see if all the mounts up time is restarting from 0, if so is 100% sure a rtk2go problem.
If not it can still be an rtk2go prob but also maybe a weird power saving feature on tablet/phone wifi or on base laptop?
Maybe there is a logging feature to enable in snip to see what happened on your base at this moment.

I had rtk2go problem only 2 days this year, but one day it was dropping every 30 minutes! Will try to install a caster at home, but i’m on a dynamic ip adress. Just not take the time yet.

To solve that you can use a Dynamic DNS resolver. Free of charge at noip.com, but you need to refresh it every 30 days

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Most routers these days support several different DynDNS services. noip is a good one but check in your router’s config to see what it’s options are.

Thanks for the pointers - ironically it has worked all day without dropping once !
However, I did stop, and then restart Snip this morning before heading off. Perhaps this helped ?
The tablet in the tractor, iPhone, and laptop back at the base all have original chargers and so think/hope all is ok there.
Running my own caster sounds to be the way to go - a job for winter, and hopefully will get through sowing time without too many more hiccups.