Lost RTK and can’t get it back stuck in gps single

Using a panda box and ardusimple rover. Connecting to base 130km away. Understand that its far but i can normally still get rtk. Had it today first two passes were rtk, then it lost it and down to gps single, cant even get float or dgps… fields a mess now.

What am I doing wrong.

Should mention 2 bars of 5g on my hotspot

You used a base too far away. Satellites moved so now only maybe 4 or 5 of SAME satellites visible for borh base and rover, not enough to calculate rtk fix.

Should i not see float or dgps in this case though?

I don’t think so, as there’s no calculation


I had a similar problem today as well. When I connected to RTK communications would lock up. Ended up reducing gps communications speed and it fixed the problem. Had to reboot tablet to get out off the comms screen