M2 as replacement of simpleRTK2B Micro on AIO v4.1 mini

Hi All,

Finally took the plunge and is assembling autosteer using the AIO v4.1 mini board coming from JLCPCB.

I am picking up on potatofarmer post found at EMLID M2 input to Ag Open GPS, Easy Breezy - Project share - Emlid Community Forum in the context of rtk on the AIO v4.1 mini.

  1. Can I forego using simpleRTK2B mini and use instead emlid m2 (as I have it already)?
  2. Will it be easy breezy to use the m2 on AOG system using AIO v4.1 mini board?
  3. If the answer is positive, will RTK corrected GPS coming out of m2 (that is connected to emlid lora radio) receiving rtk correction from a RS2 (correction data sent from this unit’s built in lora radio) sufficient for AOG rtk requirement
  4. Can dual gps be implemented with 1 unit composed of simpleRTK2b mini and the other unit the emlid m2?


I think PotatoFarmer’s post is outdated for the AIO PCB, but I made a post yesterday about how to use Reach M+ with AIO PCB V2.5 standard (PotatoFarmer helped me too). I think it should be the same or similar process in your case.

  1. I was able to with M+ and V2.5 standard.
  2. It is.
  3. It should be.
  4. I’m not sure, but seems possible to me.

Thanks will check it out