Machine Control UDP

Does anybody know how many sections i can can control with the machine UDP from V 4.1.1

AOG can do max 16 sections, so can machine control udp

Hello together :slight_smile:
Can i use an old Version of the machine Module?
Because the actual one 4.3.10 has no machine udp file in Support files.
Regards Peter

Is there an UDP Maschine Code planned in the next time?

What do you want to control? Section control code is on my Github

I want to control section via UDP with an arduino nano.
Is this with your Code possible?
Regards Peter

For udp I suggest using a esp32 via WiFi. Alternatively the nano 33iot would also work via wifi. Both have 3,3v gpios.
The normal nano code doesn’t support udp.

Next winter we may enlarge the concept. So if you need it now use the esp32, let it generate an access point and log the tablet in

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@Bada @MTZ8302 I moved your machine udp discussion to this topic :slight_smile:

I’ll try to hook up the old udp section code and see if it works, or what is needed to get it to work. I really should have had it done

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Hello everyone,

Is there something New to Machine UDP? Can i help some how?
Regards Peter

No nothing has happened with it.


I’ve developed a small interface through wifi/udp with esp8266 for relay output (machine) or input indication. (Input permits to know and indicate to aog the status of sprayer or fertilizer.
Actually, I don’t use automatic control from aog only report of section status)
It’s written in lua (not the best … not yet ported to c arduino), configurable through a web interface.
I’ve configured it for 7 sections + 1 general Here is a picture of the input pcb.
It uses a lolin esp board (has the most available i/o)
(Diods bridges are used to supply the board from the valves commands +/- and -/+,
white are optocouplers to insulate esp from valves supply, lm 2596 dc dc supply, fuse)
I can give the lua files.


Cool! has it been working well?

Yes, installed on the spayer for section input, no issues.
Software manage 7 sections + 1 general, connected on the valves terminal
(on/off with inversion of polarity) Output relay not installed for me but tested
with aog and no remarks also.


We are seriously thinking of using the esp32 for the next steer board. Think that is a good idea? Or stick with Arduino?


Go for it. Can still be programmed with the Arduino IDE. Can still use drop in, through hole, esp32 modules without soldering surface mount chips too.

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Even if i m not a big specialist
The ESP32 deliver wireless connectivity,( wifi and bluetooth (and espnow protocol)) and equiped with dual processor for this task
by the way esp32 can do serial connexion for wired is request

So it is looks more good for “machine control” that you can put it on the machine instead on the tractor and do a real wire harness between tractor and tools

for me it is an avantage to use ESP32 for autosteer

ESP8266/8285 only good for machine control


For machine control, I find wifi very convinient :

  • cost very small
  • no need of fast response (ping is a few 10 ms perhaps 100, it’s far sufficient)
  • installed fixed in each machine
    (no connector at all, just to find some local supply on sprayer valves or
    lights on fertilizer)
    In the sprayer, installed in the control unit to valves junction box (photo)
    No on can imagine that our 25 years sprayer is wifi connected … :grinning:
    Esp 8266 is sufficient enough. I’m rewriting the code for arduino IDE (If someone wants)

For next autosteer go go go to ESP 32

  • far much powerful (Tensilica 32 bits 2 * 240 Mhz compared to 1 * 8 bits 16 MHz Atmega328 turtle …)
  • CAN 2.0b (j1939) capable
  • wifi
  • pwm module etc etc

That would be really nice! Like to build a setup for my sprayer as well :smiley:


@Francois Can I use your wifi machine control if I use a tablet and a phone as access point(ntrip), no router?
Will the esp32 connect to the tablet or the phone?

I am not familiar with the esp32, how does it connect to the network?

@MTZ8302 said ESP32 can also create an access point. Can I connect both cellphone an esp as access point? I don’t think it’s possible.

A code for aduino IDE would be nice! I also have a 25 year old sprayer that could use wifi :wink: