Machine udp

Hi guys I have agopen gps over udp a few weeks we got a hardi sprayer and a made the agomatic for the sprayer using a Arduino nano using usb but now I want to have the machine on udp instead of the micro usb I got this 2 internet port to usb but on the setup on surface pro it shows a 2 different internet and I can only make one work at the time
Does anyone know if this is any good our do I have to get a switch to be able to work with gps and the agomatic ?

I don’t use section control for now, but I have something like in the picture bat with one ethernet port, in order for it to work I had to create a subnet IP to communicate with the PCB what is the problem with your set ???

i do have one with one internet port and works fine but i swaped it to this one and i can only use one internet port at the time

maybe the diagram for Arduino from section control has a different IP address to the one given in the subnet IP and maybe that’s why it can’t connect to it ??