Machne control Machine_USB_v5 for MF8150 a small problem

Hello. My mf8150 ehr agricultural tractor has a mechanical switch that should be on all the time during operation. So I need to modify Machine_USB_v5.ino so that the relay for the Hydup and Hyddown functions is on all the time and does not turn off after a few seconds. I am a beginner in Arduino and I was not able to modify it program. Please help. Regards, Darek

p.s. Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

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Hi, if you haven’t solved it already, I think the easiest solution in the code would be to change the line 193 & 199 from “if(lowerTimer) …” to “if(hydLift == 1) …” and line 194 & 200 from "if(raiseTimer) … " to “if(hydLift == 2) …”

I think that should work!

Hi Darorio

How do you wire the PCB to the hydraulic button ? Do you have pictures? I would be interested too on my MF 8110

I think that should work!
to Albvig
Hello, thank you for the answer. I think I already solved the problem in lines 143 and 144, I changed relayLo and relayHi from 255 to 253 and added an entry in line 189 if ((aogConfig.lowerTime >= 255 ) || (aogConfig.raiseTime >= 255 )) lastTrigger = 0; and now I’m testing it. I’ll also check your suggestion.

to Labrador_Esp
I don’t have it connected yet. I will use a module with two relays. Once I connect it, I will take photos and describe it.

I presume that you keep the regular up-down button in use, don’t you? I mean, you can still rise and lower the elevator tapping on the button.