Magnetic base for receiver & antennae

Has anybody made a magnetic base for mounting the receiver and antennae on the tractor? I intend to move the system between a couple different machines and was thinking this would make it easier. Will the magnet interfere with them at all?

The antenna that’s frequently included with the F9P receiver already is magnetic.

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I do not think the mounting magnet will affect the F9P either as its field is static.

Also working on a roof mount poe receiver. Looking at using velcro or a glueable dock system, not to avoid magnetic effects, because so many cabs are plastic now.

I think you might overestimate how new my equipment is lol

When you check the price of ANN-MB-00 the time to remove and refit the wire to atch and detach and the risk of break during this operation …

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i do this at my first assembly but now i advise all my friend to purchase antena for each machines that they use

it is hope to you

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I agree with all antenna methods, all pros and cons for the user.

Moving one external antenna, low cost, most chance of antenna cable damage, pain of taking it off and re installing.

Getting an antenna for each, more cost, less prone to damage, less time reinstalling

Moving F9P to top of cab using udp, shortest possible antenna cable, ethernet cable is field serviceable, f9p furthest from any interference source.