Manual turns - 6.1.0

When i was bench testing the new machine module I was not able to use the manual turn buttons. I don’t know if this is only an simulator issue or its like this in the tractor as well. I am not able to test it in the fields because it to wet do drive in the fields here now

We are currently discussing about removing uturn completely. It is one of the more dangerous buttons on the screen, and easily bumped if you wanted a lateral. lateral will stay and is very handy.

Thank you for finding this.

Edit: specifically manual uturn

could you make it as an option for those that use it? maybe a separate pop up window with those buttons? that would eliminate 99.9% of the accidental uturns.

You can turn it off in config for the display settings.

Found the problem, it works fine in PP and not in Stanley.

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I am just starting with AOG, and would also vote for keeping Uturn, i like it! if worried about safety, just make it a little harder to turn on or somthing. maybe bury it in a menu, or make it a press and hold button, or a two click button or somthing like that. seems bad to remove functionality from a great program! Besides, its all experimental and theoretical software anyway! :wink:

thanks to the developers for such great simulation software!!!

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I vote to keep!

Also for keeping. Sometimes at angled headland, the auto U-turn turn too early. And if there’s space to let machine “wings” go outside field. Happens often when fields are not square and headland is curved. Could be towards neighbours and small roads.

Another vote to keep uturn. I’ve never needed the lateral button myself. I only use it when tuning a new install driving across field without doing work. Like previously said. It’s all theoretical. :grin:

Another vote for manual U turn, use it way more then lateral.