Manual U turn

How does one change the manual U turn pattern in V3.9. I can change the U turn pattern for the headlands/auto u turn feature, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to change the manual U turn pattern.

I believe you are doing this in simulator.
Manual u turn does the turn as sharp as possible according to the vehicle turn radius setting.
Try to set Skips to 2 and you will see the pattern change automatically, from keyhole to U shape.
The Sim does the U- turn as you set it, but in real life, you might see that the tractor can´t follow the shape, because it can´t turn that sharp.(wheel angle)

As of now the tractor is doing U shaped turns (not keyhole) while I’m in the field with GPS active. You are correct my tractor cant make the turn because its to sharp. So your saying if I set for AOG to skip onto the next AB line it will change the turn shape for manual U turns ? Thanks

We use the recorded uturn for our seeding unit. It only works on automatic turns. If you press the uturn button it always does the dubins uturn. Maybe Brian could explain why it needs to be that way? Been like that since spring of 2019 but prior to that it worked with any uturn.

Adding to this, is there an option to have 2 u_turn buttons to command a manual left/right u-turn when not in automatic u-turn mode? Like hitting the yellow arrows on screen from pushing a button on the steering pcb?