Map moving arrows

Would it be possible to get the arrows back that were used to move the map without moving the tractor?

They were available in the earlier versions, but then taken away for some reason. I found them really useful and have been missing them ever since. They were great for checking if you missed to treat a spot on a big field after you think you were finished. One even more handy thing was to be able to plan and adjust a straight AB line to a field without any perfectly straight edges. With the arrows you could move the map(while having it zoomed in enough to see precisely) and check how the planned AB line would fit to the edge of the field and then make the proper adjustments to the line.

Anyone else missing this feature?


I had been using top field view to zoom right out and check for missed spots

But when zoomed out it’s hard to see any smaller missed spots, especially on bigger field.

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I’m missing also such a feature, where it’s possible to move the field area and zoom in/out independent of the current tractor position. Mainly to check or set the tramlines, or viewing details.

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