Massey Ferguson 6465 Danfoss PVG?

What is the preferred way to do hydraulic steering on a Massey Ferguson 6465?
The tractor has load sensing hydraulic but is not GPS ready.
I like the idea of the Danfoss PVG valve because it’s kind of compact. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not?
I will be happy for schematics and some part number

Hi, here are the numbers for PVG:

PVP inlet module 157B5111, closed center load sensing (this should be for electrical PVEA series actuators)
Option 1: PVB with shock valves 11130978
Option 2: PVB with LS pressure adjustment 11130982
PVSI end plate with an external LX connection 157B2015 if running LS through the PVG
PVSI end plate without connections 157B2014 if using PVFC
PVG mounting kit 157B8001
PVBS spool 10 l/min with closed center position and LS line venting to tank (for PVEA series actuator) 11105533
PVM manual actuator (to close the other end of the spool) 11107332

Then an actuator of your choice, PVEA/S/H analogue or PVEA-CI for canbus.

There’s a built in shuttle valve in the PVB valve body, so you can just run the LS line through the PVG16 valve. However, with some priority valves there might be problems with the leakthrough being blocked by the shuttle valve, I’m now putting a PVFC valve like this to replace the shuttle, let’s see how that works

Hi nut!
Your answers are always very helpful.

Is this PVG 16 ready for LS-Static or LS-dynamic?

I have a problem with Danfoss autosteer valve for my Fendt 716 vario Com3.
The traktors hydraulic system is a Load-Sensing-Static system.
The Danfoss OSPE steering valve which I bought is a Load-Sensing-Dynamic system.

Is there any possibility to get the LS-Static to LS-dynamic?
For which Problem is the PVFC valve you described?

Thank you very much!

So currently the Fendt has a static priority valve hooked up to the normal orbitrol? OSPE has an internal priority valve (if it’s ordered with one, typically it’s there, you can check under the LS port if you see a spool or not). You could just remove the tractor’s own priority valve and use the one in the OSPE, it’s maximum flow is 90 l/min so you need to check if that’s OK for your other hydraulic demands. Not tested though, so “at least in theory” :grin:

The PVG16 is intended for a static LS system, in a dynamic system you get the flow in the LS line, which gets blocked by the shuttle valve completely and leads to too high LS pressure. That’s why you intall the PVFC valve to allow for the flow to flow to tank while maintaining the correct LS pressure. Just ran some test the other day with the PVFC installed and the difference to just the PVG internal shuttle valve is huge, steers very very smoothly. In the OSPE unit, there’s already a built-in PVFC spool to take care of this.

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Thank you @nut for your fast answer!

Yes the Fendt has a static priority valve hooked up to the normal orbitrol.
But removing the priority valve is not very easy, because there is a big hydraulic block where the priority valve is flanged on.
Is there any way to connect the dynamic priority valve in series to the static priority valve?

My OSPE steering valve is without priority valve. But to get an external priority valve with dynamic flow from Danfoss is no problem.

You could try if it just works with the static prio valve? You need either an LS compensating valve if you hook the priority valves in series or then a small orifice to let the dynamic LS line flow escape.

Something like this?

@Farmen yes looks correct!

The Kramp prices are quite high, ask you local Danfoss dealer for a quote. I guess those are in NOK without VAT? Should be like -30%…

I will check it out.
But the parts list is correct?

The pump module should be 157B111, the B191 is for the direct hydraulic actuator with higher pilot pressure, B111 should be indentical but with lower pilot pressure. It’s the same valve put with a different spool for the pilot pressure control.

I’ll correct the parts list in the first post! I made a mistake in the list as I later converted the B191 to the lower pilot pressure!

Thanks for all the help.
I will try this on the Massey Ferguson and my Valtra T234 after harvest. By the way how did you connect the LS compensating valve?

Will this be a alternative?

Yes, that’s where I’ve copied the PVG setup from😀. Just waiting for the quote on one of those. For my T4 I bought the OSPE valve for retrofit, not installed yet, though.

Is the OSPE valve for retrofit expensive?

Is the possible to meet the ISO 25119-2:2018 with a PVG valve?

Yes, it’s more dependent on the controller, but it’s a hell of a lot more work than with a valve package that is already SIL certified, so if you want a safety compliant system, go with OSPE / EHi. Even then it’s a bit of work and you need redundant sensor etc.

Thank you for all your help!
How would you try it for the first time?
Which small orifice can be used to let the dynamic LS line flow escape?

Excuse me for detailed asking but my experience in hydraulic systems is not very well yet.

Sorry for late reply, I would go with something around 0.8 mm, if you have max LS pressure around 180 bar that would give a flow of around 3 litres / minute to tank.

Corrected one part number in the original post as well. If you use the PVFC valve you cannot use the LX end plate just by plugging the LX port, it traps the pressure behind the shuttle valve and you end up with a pressurized LS line with the spool in zero. So use the 157B2014 instead which has the LS line open to tank in the end plate. Or alternatively you can externally route the LX line to tank. Took me a while to figure out why it was actiong up, only happens when the oil heats up and viscosity gets lower.