Massey ferguson 7475 project

Hello my name is Bas Beuwer and i am from the Netherlands. About a year ago I came into contact with self-built GPS systems, after thinking for a while I started building a cerea GPS system. That project was successful and I enjoyed riding cerea for a year, but I still started to look up to some things and I started reading more about agopen, which made me consider building a agopen system. That’s why I started building last weeks. after reading for a while panda came to my attention and this seemed like something to me, I was also able to get hold of a v2 board from an colleague and I made it complete.

A video of the Massey with cerea

My goal with this project compared to my cerea kit is that i want to build it permanently into this tractor. My cerea system was universally usable with more of our tractors. with agopen I might also want to start hydraulic steering.



Hello Bas,

Welcome. Thats a nice tractor to start with :grinning:.

There are lot of people here who can help you with your project. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Fijne kerstdagen!!

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You can use it with UDP:

Ethernet kit for Teensy 4.1

and a stackable Ethernet shield ENC28J60 for Nano V3

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I was thinking to equip my tractor with an electric hydraulic valve and I came across the valve block of baraki, anyone have any idea whether this can be combined with v2 pcb and my tractor? the previous tractor owner had a trimble hydraulic control so i think its easy to install the baraki valve.

in the middle of the photo you can see where the previous one was mounted.

after thinking and reading for a while I decided to look and buy an ‘all in one pb’ instead of the ‘v2 pcb’. I also ordered a baraki valve to install on my tractor (already excited to steer hydraulically).

with my cerea gps system i have always worked with a router that i had incorporated in my component box, this is to receive an rtk signal. I think this is actually a bit cumbersome for this project and takes up a lot of space anyone have any ideas what this router can replace? I thought about a 4G NTRIP Master ( but found it a bit to expensive.

It is best to have a tablet with a built-in LTE modem. Small USB-connected routers work very well. And it’s always better to have the internet on a tablet, then you can use it not only for NTRIP.

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so after a while there is some progress.

-bought a baraki valve
-built a AIO micro ampsealboard
-built a wiring harness
-installed the steering angle sensor
-installed a steer active button

To do:
-plumbing on the baraki valve
-buy a tablet…

some pictures:


so a little update of the project.
it works! after a lot of ups and downs its finally working, here a video of a bit of first field action.


Feels good right?? :ok_hand:

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Mooi gedaan Bas!

I think about installing a baraki valve too. Is the hydrolic steering much better than phidgets?

I don’t know if it’s steering precision is other than a phidgets motor, but it’s very comfortably and easy to use just grab the steering wheel and steer yourself.

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so a little update and some problems. The first meters have been made. the software and hardware does what it should and does it well. the hydraulic steering is a pleasure, it works safely (the intervention) and it is wonderfully quiet in the cabin.

Besides this, I also have a single problem that needs a solution. our cabin suspension broke a few months ago and this causes problems with the imu and it causes an offset. this problem makes calibrating the imu very difficult.

do you have anymore pictures of the valve, im getting ready to mount valves on 2 7480 and could use a bit of inspiration :grin:

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hello, yes i can send you some pictures. send me a text on telegram and is send it to you over there.

just a little update of the problem i had. the problem was that my imu direction was wrong with my older AgOpen version (such a stupid mistake :sweat_smile:). So i downloaded the newer version (in this version you can switched the imu directions) and calibrated the imu and its steering flawless now. Realy happy with the Baraki valve and the soft and hardware, such a improvement over cerea! looking forward to use the system this season.

also building a second system with a phidgets motor for my other two tractor’s


Can’t you upload the pictures here?

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