Massey ferguson 7475 project

Hello my name is Bas Beuwer and i am from the Netherlands. About a year ago I came into contact with self-built GPS systems, after thinking for a while I started building a cerea GPS system. That project was successful and I enjoyed riding cerea for a year, but I still started to look up to some things and I started reading more about agopen, which made me consider building a agopen system. That’s why I started building last weeks. after reading for a while panda came to my attention and this seemed like something to me, I was also able to get hold of a v2 board from an colleague and I made it complete.

A video of the Massey with cerea

My goal with this project compared to my cerea kit is that i want to build it permanently into this tractor. My cerea system was universally usable with more of our tractors. with agopen I might also want to start hydraulic steering.



Hello Bas,

Welcome. Thats a nice tractor to start with :grinning:.

There are lot of people here who can help you with your project. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Fijne kerstdagen!!

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You can use it with UDP:

Ethernet kit for Teensy 4.1

and a stackable Ethernet shield ENC28J60 for Nano V3

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I was thinking to equip my tractor with an electric hydraulic valve and I came across the valve block of baraki, anyone have any idea whether this can be combined with v2 pcb and my tractor? the previous tractor owner had a trimble hydraulic control so i think its easy to install the baraki valve.

in the middle of the photo you can see where the previous one was mounted.

after thinking and reading for a while I decided to look and buy an ‘all in one pb’ instead of the ‘v2 pcb’. I also ordered a baraki valve to install on my tractor (already excited to steer hydraulically).

with my cerea gps system i have always worked with a router that i had incorporated in my component box, this is to receive an rtk signal. I think this is actually a bit cumbersome for this project and takes up a lot of space anyone have any ideas what this router can replace? I thought about a 4G NTRIP Master ( but found it a bit to expensive.

It is best to have a tablet with a built-in LTE modem. Small USB-connected routers work very well. And it’s always better to have the internet on a tablet, then you can use it not only for NTRIP.

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so after a while there is some progress.

-bought a baraki valve
-built a AIO micro ampsealboard
-built a wiring harness
-installed the steering angle sensor
-installed a steer active button

To do:
-plumbing on the baraki valve
-buy a tablet…

some pictures: