Massey Ferguson 8240 & 6615

Massey Ferguson 8240 with agleader hydraulic valve and cmps14 version 5.5 works great.

Thx for posting this link, the problem is, I and may be some other people don’t have an facebook account.

I don know where to put it…lol

Massey Fergusson 6615

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Its almost perfect. Even on ploughed land.

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Well when you think all is good and running better then ever after hours of tweaking. Some ppl who where stealing Trimble, john deere gps systems also got there hands on one of our AgopenGps system. Really sad.:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Did they steal the Antennas? Or just everything they could find?

And to your system, are you running per Canbus?

Everything they thought that was usefull. Even cut the wires from armrest to ecu. So tractor not moving anymore.

Its a real headbanger…more because i sell anti theft systems for most common gps systems. Trimble john deere and all. I never thought they would be instrested in this…so i did not fit one off my alarm systems.:pleading_face::pleading_face:.

I bet if we not did a report on facebook about the project. It was not stolen.

So be aware what you post!!

Now I understand better why people delete latitude-longitude coordinate information. Get well soon :frowning: