Maybe someone can help with section control

Hello.I’m so sorry, I don’t speak English, I’m a google translate.


Maybe you can help with what to do to go download this code. I want to control the sections via HC-6. Shows me this:

There is code missing: you need all the code. There should be a tab z_RateControl_MotorDrive.ino.

If you whant to hava a wireless solution you can use HC-06, I used it 2 years, works good. Easier would be using WiFi by using ESP32 (3.3V !!).
If your circuit is allread build you can use a nano 33 IoT for WiFi, but it has 3.3V.

Thank you very much. Everything worked out, my tests are still at home, I will go to the sprayer when I can set everything up. maybe what you heard about 3xf9p is ardusimple. Now as I try to use Polaris alpha rtk antennas, I don’t like them, a lot of buna float rtk. When rtk float this position rotates like mad.

Hello. Please help me understand what is wrong. I don’t understand what needs to be always shows me on the screen that the arrow is moving near the line about 35cm

Sounds like your WAS is not centered properly?

what should i do to be in the centered

Does AoG show 0 deg when your vehicle is driving straight?

Thanks. Was is centered👍

2020-07-27, pr 15:33, Matthew Elias via AgOpenGPS <> rašė:

Was is not centered? Did centering it fix your issue?

Thanks, centering solved the problem.

2020-07-28, an 01:18, Matthew Elias via AgOpenGPS <> rašė: