MD13S and Phidgets

Can’t seem to find the thread, but was there a new INO posted for adding a relay to disconnect the Phidgets motor when using a ring gear setup so there’s no drag?

We just put a relay between the cytron and the phidgets that breaks motor connection when autosteer isn’t active. We use the autosteer enable switch to pull the relay in and out so the motor connection is made when autosteer is active and disconnected when the autosteer is disabled. Makes the wheel easier to turn, we used the standard INO.

That’s a nice and simple solution, thanks

Can you show a picture of this relay setup or show in a diagram how it is connected?

Excuse my pathetic drawing skills…So basically a switch sends 12v to to a 3 pole relay coil once the contacts close it makes the motor connections as well as the steer enable connection back to the PCB. This way everything engages and disengages at the same time.


Where the heck did you find a TPST relay?

We had a few laying around from other projects but I can almost guarantee digikey has them or even possibly ebay/amazon. It just a removable ice cube relay with a fixed base.

Another solution is a DPST switch for autosteer enable and run the PCB contacts through the switch instead of the relay.

You can also use the l_r enable output, (for cytron it is on pwm 2) as suggested in steer. Png found in support folder. Then use a 5v relay to cut only one of the leads to motor.

thank you E142631 and Larsvest for your responses. Couple of questions.E142631 if using the DPST and running PCB contacts through switch how does the 12V play into that? PCB O and Com on autosteer not sure how that would hook up to the 12V?
Larvest like this idea also, is this the Png you are referencing? if so I have a momentary button that I hook up the led to using pwm2. can I hook up the led and the relay to pwm2? Would it be best to have the relay break the power before the MD13 as shown in picture?


I find Omron my2k 24dc py14-02

DPDT General-purpose Latching Relay, so i can control with foot pedal.

If i cut only one pole of cytron to phidgets, which is the result ?

I did not refer to this hydrofluide png, but to the Steer .png

I am not sure why it say LED pin, as it originally is used as L_EN(able) R_EN(able) on the IBT-2
If you connect a led, together with the IN on the relay, then I am not sure the voltage on the IN is high enough to activate the relay? (there is the 330 ohm between Nano and PWM2 out)

You say you have a momentary button! Use that one to activate autosteer by connecting it to O and Com on the Steer input on PCB, again check Steer.png for how. Or even use a footswitch/button in parallel with your hand button.

The function of O and Com(Com =GND) is to make a connection between those two, that activates the optocoupler beside it, which again makes the according Nano pin LOW

My suggestion: Use the relay mentioned below to cut one lead between cytron and Phidgets.
Control the relay as Shown in Steer.png with a wire from pwm2 to the IN connector on relay.

This one have 5 mA as trigger current

  1. The module uses genuine quality relay , normally open interfaces Maximum load : AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A;
  2. Using SMD OPTOCOUPLER isolation , driving ability , stable performance ; trigger current 5mA;

The only thing I use a 12v source for in my example is to power the relay coil… The other contacts on the switch would be used to make and break the Steer input form the pcb board (no external voltage applied).