Micro GPS autosteer board

Going to go ahead and post some information about the All in one autosteer board with the Ardusimple Micro F9P GPS module.

This is another PCB designed by a team effort from the AgOpenGPS development team

I have only done some preliminary testing in the tractor with good results. I am using the Danfoss valve with the TLC081 op amp as controller, so I haven’t tested with the Cytron MD13S.

This is the GPS module that we will be able to order at a discount from Ardusimple with a group buy of 50 pieces minimum. You can see by the size of the RJ45 port next to the Micro that they are pretty small.

The box is a Hammond 1455T2201 that I cut to the width of the board with a dewalt miter saw for wood. Easy job and end up with 2 boxes, just need to order extra end plates.

Dimensions in Imperial

I was not able to get a Deutsch board to wire connector, so I used a pigtail.
There is a place on the board for the Xbee module and the RFD900 radio. I didn’t have room so I put the RFD900 mounting holes where the Cytron MD13S driver goes. If you use both, I suggest cutting a piece of an old PCB and mount the radio to it and slide it in above the Micro board. There are headers to plug the radio into for power and signal. There is a jumper to send the radio signal through the Teensy 4.1 or directly to the F9P PVT module for corrections.

This is the prototype for testing, so there may be some changes as with all AOG technology. We intend to add status LED’s for RTK.
Also, all of the resistors, diodes, and small capacitors have the option of being through hole or surface mount. When I ordered from JLC, the diodes were the only SMD components that weren’t available. They also soldered the micro USB ports in, but one fell out and another wasn’t soldered completely and didn’t function, so I would uncheck the box to have those soldered by JLC.

I will post a link to the gerber, BOM, and pick and place files in the near future so it will be accessible here on the discourse forum.

More to follow


congratulations, excellent material, could you post the project material? so that I can manufacture the PCBs in China,
I would also like to know which motor you are using for the electric flywheel?
and which antennas will use, and what precision in centimeters or inches did you get? thanks for helping a newbie on the subject :smiley:

Thanks for the interest and complement.
Please be patient for a little longer. We have had several members who haven’t been available do to regular work duties, so it’s been a little slow coming.
We are in the process of adding some circuit protection, and some other optional features, along with making it simpler to order boards with a majority of components assembled by JLC. There are some hard-to-find parts that we want to replace with readily available ones as well.
I want to get it finalized and tested before posting any Gerbers, so hopefully we can move then to our group buy.


A little update. Working with RichardKlasens on a V2 of the Micro. He used his schematic from the full size F9P board for this version. I has all the same components as Richard’s board, except it takes the Micro F9P. Boards can be ordered from JLC with all SMD components and headers pre-soldered.
We are waiting for Richard to test his before we order this one, since they are mostly the same.

Last picture is shown without copper mask, but is masked on top and bottom to ground.
We added LED status lights for Ethernet, RTK and autosteer engaged. Plus LED for RTK at the F9P module(same as on the SimpleRTK2B boards).