Microsoft surface 3

Id like a little input from you guys that are running surface tablets. How are you connecting your board, did you get a docking station of sorts? Or can i just use a usb to ethernet dongle? Trying to decide wether i should use my surface 3 or just take the jump into the Panasonic realm :grin:

usb has been working fine for us so far.

charging by USB and USB doogle for ethernet and usb

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If you have a tablet that works then I’d stick to it.

I have a Surface Pro 3 and I used it for all my testing and setup. A USB to ethernet dongle works fine. Always short USB ports, but that’s a common Surface problem.

The Pro 3 screen brightness is 400 nits. In daylight it doesn’t compare to the 800 nits of a tough tablet.

So is everyone just getting like a docking station for them or what?

Just using a usb to ethernet adapter. I made up a little strain relief boot to stop the usb wiggling about which made it more reliable

So im having real struggles getting my tablet to talk to agio, was there any special settings anyone had to do to make itwork?

Well AGIO is on the tablet so I assume you mean you havev an ethernet adapter but can’t connect to a steer board and/or machine board. I’m also assuming you have fixed your ip address with the adapter connected. Easiest way to test the adapter is working is plug in directly to your home router if you can and see if it gets internet. Otherwise google ping and ipconfig to see if it can see the boards or not.

I have an adapter that has a strange behaviour of stopping working after 10min or so. I gave up on it and got another one.

Just to give my input on the topic, been using surface tablets for almost three years in my tractors and they work flawlessly, on one I soldered the usb to Ethernet adapter to the usb port on the motherboard (this was a cheap Chinese usb Ethernet adapter) on the other one I bought a tp-link Ethernet adapter and that one works through usb just like intended.