Migrating from 4 to 5.X, what am I changing?

So I tried to do this last year but it was an abysmal failure so I ran the season in the old 4.X software/firmware.

So far on changing here, I’m running the 5.5 LTS release and I’ve uploaded new firmware on the autosteer nano. I’ve changed to a PX1122R and seem to be getting RTK fix status when I’m on RTCM from SNIP. I get terrible oscillation when I’m using my old steering settings from 4.X software.

A few questions:

  1. I have a second 1122 but can’t seem to find a good description of how to add a second antenna/board and configure AOG to use it. Do I just slap it into the USB hub and let it buck? If I have a second GPS, do I still need my tilt sensor (DOGS)?

  2. I’m still using an MMA board for imu on the V2 PCB. I have both a CMPS and a BNO085 module but haven’t hooked it in, not sure which to use and how to hook up on PCB V2. Does this need to be on a separate Nano and there’s an IMU sketch to upload and use those modules?

Once I have the electronics sorted out, then I figure I can sort out the steering values, there seems to be a couple of topics on that, but I’m pretty sure I have myself messed up on the best way to configure the modules.

When I changed from v4 to v5 I tried to enter old settings too and it didn’t work. I started settings from scratch and it works like a charm.
I seem to remember reading that counts per degree worked differently somehow in v5?

Your mma and DOGS are obsolete in v5. The bn0 or cmps replaces them both. Usually better to install them with a separate nano so you can get better placement (especially with cmps). Check the cmps14 thread, lots of information on it and bn0 there.