Minimizing chemical overlap with section control


I have just built my first section control, and it is lovely software. I’m running sprays in small horticultural paddocks where chemical overlap is a big issue. A double overlap of certain chems can kill portions of the crop or set it backwards. A couple of things I noticed with AOG section control:

1.) The “Off (secs)” can only be adjusted to within 0.2 units of the “On (secs)”. The diaphragm valves available to us turn on relatively instantly but take about 4 seconds to turn off. Is it possible for the off timer to be adjusted above the on timer so that AOG turns off my sections 4 seconds before I get to a boundary or overlap ect?

2.) When running over something that’s already been sprayed, it only takes a very small portion of a unapplied section within a section to trigger the section on. Even if 90% or so of the section has already been spraying. Would it be possible to add a sensitivity/proximity option that allowed the option for the section to turn off as soon as it touches an area which has been already sprayed?

Apologies if these features are already there hiding somewhere. I wasn’t able to locate. Thanks.

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