Minimum system requirements

Hello, I am a young French farmer and I have already bought everything to use AgopenGPS except the computer. I found a Microsoft Surface 3 with an AtomX7 processor with 2Gb of RAM. I wonder if this configuration is sufficient to run AgopenGPS. Does anyone use this computer? I searched on the forums but I can’t find the configuration minimum required. Sorry for my rough English I use Google Translate. Thank you to those who will take the time to answer me

Hello Thomas
Agopengps does not need a powerful computer so your tablet should be fine, the screen resolution is good.
Problems with tablets are often:
-not enough light when there is sun.
-not enough USB sockets.
Have a good day

Bonjour Thomas,

Rejoins le groupe AGopengps France sur telegram. tu auras une multitude de personne à ton service et dans ta langue favorite !!

Hi Thomas,

I’m using a miix 310 which also has an Atom processor and it’s running fine. AOG is not ressource intensive.

Yes we have a telegram group in french but I fully encourage people to post on discourse as it’s really easier to search topic later. If you ask the question in telegram after 15 days or so nobody will find the answers anymore.


Err I’m going to disagree with size doesn’t matter!
I was trying with an Atom Z3735f @ 1.33ghz with 2g internal memory, couldn’t get frame count below 200???
Now running i5…frame count 7 !

A CF-D1 is no racer but once it’s going it runs single figure frame counts in AOG. Something must have been wrong to get 200!!

One important point is charging capability. Some tablets don’t charge as fast as they drain especially of full brightness.

Came to same conclusion Alan, that PC now lives on room TV providing media streaming with no problems!!
Decided if @BrianTee_Admin programming on an i7 and AOG grows with new features more HP would not be a bad thing.!?


You could always hide an i7 mainboard behind a panel somewhere then spacedesk it to an android tablet!! :grinning:

Good evening everyone. Thank you for all your answers, I think it will be useful to other people in the future. I have two choices for a Surface 3 and a Surface Pro 3. I still think favoring the Surface Pro 3 which is equipped with an Intel Core i5 and 4Gb RAM can be a little more versatile.


I use AnyDesk on my Samsung android, almost no lag, between touch on android and action on I5 laptop. It is on wifi.

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Hello, I’m curious to know more about your configuration. I think your computer is in the cab is your use wifi right ? Can you use the network instead and let your computer at home ?
Thanks a lot for you answer.

Hi Thom, I’m using a Microsoft surface Pro. Everything is centralized on a usb hub I do not use a wifi connection or a remote computer. again sorry for my poor english

I guess you ask me. No computer must be in tractor because it is connected to WAS and PCB to steer the tractor.
Be aware of Data used by AnyDesk!
Anydesk MUST be connected to internet when started, but continues running after wifi router is disconnected from internet, or hotspot is turned off again.
I did use 2 hotspots, one for gps and one for anydesk which i turn off after start… With anydesk it is possible to use android device as touchscreen and at the same time see the screen on laptop and use laptop keypad and mouse for easy input (10 inch android is mainly for hitting the big buttons at the side when driving.)
But I think a cabled (USB) connection actually will be better.

Windows RD client logs off the laptop, but has touch and works on a wifi router even without connecting to the internet.
I never got Spacedesk to act as copy af laptop only as extended screen, and no touch (only move mouse with finger.)
At the end I might get a surface pro or similar notebook with touchscreen :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for answer but i was asking to Larsvest :slight_smile: But thanks for your sharing

Thanks a lot for your description. Currently i’m reflecting about that, i mean which device should i use. I think surface is a good one, i’m just scared about the dust as time goes by… I think the best might be to use AOG only with a smartphone or a tablet. Maybe later :slight_smile:

I’m looking at an used Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 for a very good price… is it fast enough?
Intel Atom Z3795 (4x 1,6 GHz / 2 MB Cache)
2 GB LPDDR3 RAM (1x 2 GB)
25,7cm 10,1" TFT Display IPS 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
1 USB Port and seperate Power connection, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, MicroSD, MicroHDMI, audio

The Surface Pros I’ve used aren’t exactly readable outdoors, although the anti glare protectors do seem to help. I run MK1 FZ-G1 tablets from Panasonic. The i5 works hard sometimes but it keeps up and you can still upgrade them to Windows 10. Biggest thing is the screen, anti reflection and 800 nits. Found it to be the best option under $800 CAD recertified, considering the backlight replacement on my Outback S3 would have been over $1500 I think they are a bargain.

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So an i5 like in your Panasonic (2 cores, 4 threads) witch 1,9 GHz (max. 2,7) is the minimum to run AgOpenGPS you think?

I have two surface pro tablets in use with AOG, same processors Intel Atom x7 Z-8700 @1.60GHz
One has 4gb ram and has frame counts in AOG from 6 to 15
The other has 2gb ram and has framecounts from 15 to 40. Is this still acceptable or wil this “high” framecounts affect the autosteer?

Because my “lightbar” and numbers that show the distance to the line are very nervous… with roll off on almost flat land.

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