Modifying a stl file

Hi everyone.

I have found steering wheel gear stl files on the cerea forum to fit my NH t6.175, however the pinion is to fit a 12mm shaft and my motor is 10mm

Is there a simple way to modify the file? Are there people or anyone that would do it for me?


Can you share the file / gear to modify?

Hi, it’s the pinion in this file set.

Modifyed the hole from 12mm to 10mm, I did not change the keyway size. You will have to tell me what size the key is and if you want a locking bolt? But try this first.

Amazing, thankyou! I’ll measure the keyway later.

Hi Common Rail, I just got that file 3d printed but it still seems to be for a 12mm shaft?

Unless I uploaded the wrong file, but I don’t think so?

Update: I definitely got your file printed, but its come back with a shaft hole diameter of 11.68mm
Using the measuring tool on, the file clearly shows as 10mm.
Is there usually that much of a margin of error?

Is this the only problem? What about the outside dimameter and height? I havent edited a stl file before, it shows up ok in the images, but maybe it upsets the slicling program used to make the printer gcode file?

Maybe redrawing the gear is the better way to go, witch is easy to do aswell. Have you got all the other parts and they fit the tractor? Have you got a picture of everything?

I’ve raised a manufacturing query with the website, I’ll see what they come back with first.

Hello. I need program for editing stl file. I tried FreeCad and Tinkercad, but I didn’t succeed.

What kind of editing do you need to do? There’s a program called MeshMixer that’s free to use.

Are you familiar with how to use FreeCAD to design a part from scratch? It has a very steep learning curve, but it can import STL files, convert them to solids, and then use the normal solid modelling tools to modify them. I use the Part workbench first with “Create Shape from Mesh.” Then I take the result and use Part workbench’s “Convert to Solid.” After that I can switch to the Part Design workbench, create a new body, and drag the solid from the previous step into the body. After that I can work on it using the normal tools, sketching, pockets, extrusions, etc.

Small size adjustments. Yes and after that… Not responding. I used the same sequence, but “Not responding”. With the Fusion 360 it’s lighter on the laptop. I have made progress with Fusion 360, the last 20 minutes have been satisfactory. It’s not perfect, but it will work.

STL files tend to be quite complicated as all features get turned into lots of little triangles, so after converting to solids it often does bog down FreeCAD a bit. Sometimes 10-30 seconds, which does make it a bit challenging to use. Fortunately most of the STL files I’ve worked with seem okay.