MODot RTK GPS Base Station

I am another that is trying to sort out this process of putting all the pieces together for an affordable auto steer. Our state DOT has a VRS GNSS system that is free to use, The closest base is 11 miles from our farm. Should that work to where all i need is the receiver (rover} on our tractors? No base required?
On a side note this adventure of trying to learn how this all works has been the most fun i have had in a long while! Thanks to all that post and answer on here!

I use Iowa’s free state service and it works great. We’re lucky to have these services or we pay for them so we might as well use them.

True, we do pay plenty! That is the answer i was hoping for. Whose receiver do you use? Any recommendations?

With VRS the closet base is right beside your tractor, if you are inside a triangle of the network coverage the magic software will use the readings off multiple bases to polish up the corrections sent to you. As if the base were right beside you.

The most popular:

from their site or mouser or digikey

Interesting, I was not aware of any free VRS service for farmers.

11 miles to a base would be good even without VRS.

Thanks for that link on VRS. Not gonna lie the more i read the dumber i feel. LOL How would I determine if i am inside a triangle of coverage?

Are you in the middle of at least 3 base stations in the VRS network that could draw a perimeter surrounding you?

You will have to send your GGA back to the VRS caster for the magic to work.

Sensor Map.pdf (432.6 KB)

Here is a map of the state sensor locations. I marked our farm and should the distance to the closest sensor.

Your in the middle of many stations so VRS has lots of data to come up with tailored corrections for your actual location.

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