Momentary to toggle in workswitch

I am planning to use these momentary switches for the workswitch and the steerswitch.

These are the same buttons that my tractor uses.


With the steerswitch there is no problem because I can change it through the interface, but I would need the code to convert the workswitch into an toggle button.

I have no idea of ​​programming, so any help is welcome

even if it is not the same switch you can find a switch on 12 mm diametrer with on off position

it looks more easy to avoid to change the soft …
RS 111-6515

thanks, but I would like to use the same type of button with orange led.

this is an other one more similar by the look
RS 226-047 ref IPR1SAD3L0S Marker APEM

after it is not easy to find one with the correct color but if he can share same ole and design …

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