Monitoring WAS volatge

Hello, to help better understand what is being thought, and to check its correct adjustment, would it be possible to have the WAS voltage displayed please? I also propose a place on the attached view

The bar displays steering degrees but this corresponds to almost 0V on one side, 5V on the opposite side and around 2.5V in the center, if your WAS is correctly adjusted. I don’t understand what you want to add.

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juste the real voltage to see if seeting are good

I would also love to have voltage as well. Isnt the degree bar based on your cpd setting? So having raw voltage value would help us to set intial zero and make sure WAS is truly using the maximum voltage range possible ?

I don’t mind different diagnostics or initial installation parameters being displayed but in my opinion those are at most “one time meaningful” and should not occupy any space from the steer settings window. It becomes messy for active field use if a number of parameters like the WAS voltage are added over time.

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I agree. It would be good to have it on a diagnostics screen. Maybe on the window showing the GPS raw data behind the speed indicator.

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I don’t think the voltage reading ever gets to AOG. The Arduino or Teensy program converts it into a reading between 0 and 1024 that’s sent to AOG. You could estimate the voltage from that number I suppose.


You are correct it is an integer count that is related to voltage based on the supply voltage and the scale factor used in the sketch. However the voltage could be estimated. The ADS1115 is a 16 bit so it has a few more counts than 1024. I am not sure if it goes from 0 to 65535 or -32,768 to 32,767. I think it is the second where 0V is 0 and 5V is 32,767.

Comment in the .ino is as follows.
//bit shift by 2 0 to 13610 is 0 to 5v

so it is shifted to 14bit instead of 16 bit.

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The ADS1115 is really only 15 bit plus a sign bit. Have a look at How Counts Per Degree work to rerad more about this topic

Yes as much as I would love to have it, things can start to become over cluttered very fast! Guess I need to quit being lazy and just get the meter out…