Motor cycling

Does someone know what I’m doing wrong
I am testing my setup on bench.
Version 4.3.10
In Simulation mode I can get the motor to respond to changes in WAS.
Am using potentiometer tochange WAS signal.
But when I turn simulator Off and try use Autosteer configuration /Drive to run motor then motor cycles on/off continually.
Am I doing something wrong?
Is drive button supposed to be used this way?
Note GPS receiver is connected to Gps port.
When I disconnect Gps port in settings cycling stops. And starts again when-reconnected
Changing WAS signal changes the motor speed and direction but motor still cycles.

What is the speed? AOG turn autosteer off if driving slower than min. speed setting. Could be it is the normal shift of GPS position(when standing still) that make the "speed "

That could be it
Receiver is not moving
And cycling stops when receiver disabled.
Thank for your time