Motor doesn't work when CMPS14 is plugged

Hello everyone

I’m new on Agopengps and I test it on a New holland T7 230 with v5.1.6.

I’ve got just a problem : I’ve tryed to plug the CMPS 14 and use it to finalize the configuration of the parameters, but when I plugged it, and run AOG, the motor doesn’t turn anymore. (and when I unplug it and restart PCB and AOG it works again). Does somebody have an idea of the problem ?

On AOG, steer charts looks like this (but the motor doesn’t turn) even of the weird pikes).

(5V is plugged on 5V, gnd on gnd , SDA on SDA and SCL on SCL)

The motor is a Katodo (Motoriduttore E192.12.13 WOC 12Vdc 45Ncm 300pm 20W) 20W, 12V. It works thanks to Cytron.


Thanks a lot for your answers

(Edit : I solved my problem while changing steer switch octocoupler)