Motor spins with no computer plugged in

I’m having a hard time getting this sorted out.
If you can take a minute and watch the video? I am open to suggestions.

have you read the voltage on the PWM1 and DIR pin (relative to some GND)?
all GNDs connected together (common ground)?
I assume one or both give out some voltage until a command to this pin is executed by the arduino.

I had a similar problem with a different project on a nano, it worked great but after some code modification it suddenly begun outputting some voltage at startup until the pin is explicitly pulled low :thinking:

Original .ino?
If not tried yet, you can reload the ino from Github and put it in a new arduino to see what happen.

Or you can put something like this somewhere at the begining (in the setup) to see if it stop.

analogWrite(PWM1_LPWM, 0);

Did you find a fix for this?

Unfortunately no,
I havent spent much more time with it. I did try the adding the code that Pat mentioned above, with no success. I was going to try checking the voltage and grounds next.

Do you have a similar problem?

My Cytron has ran the motor twice with the usb plugged in or not. The first time it did it if I changed the motor driver to ibt in aog it would stop and then return when I changed it back. Reloaded the ino and it went away.
When it did it this morning I went to get a multi meter and when I came back it was fine. I think it might be my board but im not sure. Want to fix it as it shot my boom into a fence spraying this morning

So, mine only has a mind of its own when I don’t have the laptop plugged in. When AOG is operating the system works no problem.
Its only when I don’t have anything plugged in the motor spins.

Could you try a 10K pull down resistor from PWM1 to GND?

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Update time,
I didn’t have much luck but with the last update to 5.2.2 the problem has mostly gone away, as you can see jn this video the drive motor spins breafly after power up then stops. That with no computer plugged into the pcbv2

you can add a relay to avoid this

connected to
PWM2 for cytron or Dir for ITBT

a relay or resistor?
PWM2 to ground I assume

yes a relay to the pin to the ground for the coil

you take one wire of the motor that you cut with the relay

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@Mueller since you are running gears this mod is highly worth doing.

It allows the cytron to freewheel the motor when steering is disabled. Using tweezers makes the job much easier. With it you never have to disengage your gears. What I am also hoping is that when the sleep pin is triggered it will keep the motor still.