Motordriver not working

Hi Guys,
Ive been switched from an one year old Version to the newest one.
The whole wiring is chaned to the new one and is checked twice.
ADS, MMA is all working but the IBT is mit working. I have tested IT with a Testsketch an there it worked fine.
Is there anything i have to do when i ipdate the version of Sketch and Software ?
Is there any possibility to see the output to the motordriver and Control it manually ?

did you check steerswitch ?

no, because I tried to test it with Drive in the steer settings

if steerswitch not active , no pwm output .

so i have to put the steerswitch to ground to enable the motor output?
is it possibe to try it in the simulator with the steer settings?

Yes it is possible to test in Sim, but I think there must be some kind of WAS present (can be a simple potentiometer)