Mount for RQH100030

Is there a 3d print file for RQH100030? I remember seeing that somewhere but can’t find it with search. It is a bit annoying WAS to install in place.

Don’t remember one, but I’d want something a bit stronger than plastic for it. Check the WAS mount thread for ideas?

I mean it just as a case for the WAS to make it easier to bolt on actual steel on the axle. Mounting holes on it are a bit annoying because they are on the underside, same as where the rod is. And I remember that there was some picture of the 3d printed case that swapped mounting holes on the other side.

Something I can not attach a stl file. I have one, printed on a 3d printer. Only need to print from nylon. Give me your mail, I’ll send it. (53.7 КБ) Happened.